Gold Cup Recital 2012

Federation 2012 complete!

(L-R) Oldest to Youngest... at this point shortest to tallest =P

Each year in piano, we have participated in the National Federation of Music Clubs (Federation). Basically, we each memorize two pieces according to our skill level, (i.e. I couldn’t play chop-sticks), and then play them for a judge. The judge “grades” you on your performance and awards you points 0-5, every 15 points = a gold cup. These points accumulate, so that with each 15 points (15, 30, 45, and so on) the cups get bigger. So, if you get 5 points each year, then every three years he/she will get a cup. With each cup comes playing in the Gold Cup Recital the week after Federation.

We have participated in Federation for what seems like forever! I can’t say that we have always enjoyed it or looked forward to it, but I know that it has been very good for each of us to go through, for many reasons…

1) It gives you a goal to shoot towards, motivation in practice. When working on these pieces you realize that there is a deadline and therefore keeps you working/progressing in piano studies.

2) It provides an opportunity for someone outside of your family, friends, and teacher to out point areas that you can improve. Not only does the judge give you a grade, but they have a comment sheet where they can give feedback on areas you did well in/struggled with/etc…

3) It forces you to work on memorization and performance skills. If I could, I’d probably never ever play in front of people, unless accompanying them. I have always hated, hated, hated playing in front of people, especially by memory. My heart pounding, my hands hot and clammy, and my fear of forgetting… all things I dread. Federation has forced me, and each of my siblings, to get outside of our comfort zone. It is one thing to play in front of an audience of elderly people at a nursing home, but a whole different thing to play for someone who is evaluating your performance. Even though I still would prefer to be the audience rather than play for an audience, in doing Federation year after year it has helped me to become more comfortable with getting up and playing a piece.

All five of us participated in Federation, but only three of us were up for Gold Cups this year. This was my final year of Federation. I am so thankful to my [multiple] piano teachers that invested so much time into helping me! I achieved my 75 pt cup with their help! But watch out… C’s headed for his 90!

With two of our teachers…

with our former piano teacher

with our present teacher and another student friend

– KS


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