DIY White Boards

DIY (do it yourself) crafts are my new interest. Just google it and you are instantly flooded with some of the cutest ideas ever!

Just recently I came up with my own DIY idea! I felt very creative! My idea was to take wooden picture frames, paint and decorate them and turn them into white boards. Kate added to this by deciding to put some cute paper behind the frame. We ended up making seven for different friends’ birthdays and graduations! Here is how they turned out:

What you need:

  • A frame (easier to use a smooth frame than one that has decorative ridges cause the hot glue stays better)
  • Spray paint (black or brown)
  • Cute paper
  • Cloth pins (NOT paper clips I’m not sure why my brain wants to call them paper clips cause they aren’t!)
  • Paint (coordinates with the paper)
  • Pictures or note cards with quotes or verses to put in the paper clips
  • Hot glue

1) Sand the fram down and spray paint or hand paint it.

2) Paint the paper clips  cloth pins. 😛  You’ll want to do this carefully cause the cloth pins can get painted shut and then they are a PAIN to try and open.

3) Wash the glass in the frame (we got ours for real cheap at a thrift store so they were dusty)

4) Cut the paper or papers to fit the glass.

5) Hot glue the cloth pins onto the frame. (warning- we have had some fall off)


*If the paper was too “loud” or “busy” we simply put a piece of white, “see-through” paper that calmed the other paper but still let it show through.

* Hot glue is painful, I still have a scar…

This particular frame was hard to spray paint so I “antiqued” it with some sand paper to cover the bad spots. I think it turned out nicely!

For one of the frames we added buttons…

I think these frames turned out perfectly though there is plenty of room for personalization, adjustments, and new embellishments!



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