“Next to trying and winning, the best thing is trying and failing” – L.M.Montgomery

One could easily revise that statement to “Next to trying and succeeding, the best thing is trying and failing.”

I wouldn’t say that this quote applies to all of life, but in my case it does apply to volleyball when you dive for a shanked ball and all you get is a floor burn. It also applies to really cute sugar cookies that just didn’t turn out!

It is pretty disappointing when you are expecting this and you end up with this: 

My sister sent me the link above and I thought it was a fantastic idea! So, I got a sugar cookie recipe from the internet (her printable directions didn’t indicate that she had a recipe and I didn’t read the blog post closely enough to catch that she did), lit a pumpkin candle, and turned on Christmas music. (Yes, Christmas music. The boys weren’t home so no one complained!)

Scrumptious, isn’t it?

I mixed up the coloring proportions, slightly….

I ended up letting the dough chill over night and went downstairs to watch Four Feathers. A wonderful old movie “when war was war and men were men”! 🙂

So, I eagerly pulled out the dough this morning, ready to make some cute candy corn. Personally, I enjoy candy corn and candy pumpkins, not a lot, but a handful or so every year. However, I know many people who don’t share my sentiments and think that the candies taste like sugary wax or something. Untrue!

Anyways, I didn’t expect to have to roll them out, but maybe I just missed that that was a given in her directions. I’m not sure. Either way, I did have to roll them out which was pretty tricky, but they turned out okay before I put them in the oven… (At this point, creepy music should enter letting you know that all is not well)

But… then I put them in the oven.

Delicious, eh?

Flat as a pancake, actually flatter than a pancake to be accurate! Then we tasted them. Dad and B described them as “chemically”. I would have to concur. I ought to have used my Nana’s rolled cookie recipe, but I didn’t realize that rolled cookies are a form of sugar cookies.

So while the recipe I got doesn’t make tasty cookies for humans to eat, it does make excellent dog treats!

Trooper enjoyed the two that I would let him eat!

I will definitely have to try the idea again, just with a different sugar cookie recipe. Not to appear too bookish of a person, but… “if at first you don’t fricassee, fry fry a hen!” (Carol Ryrie Brink – Caddie Woodlawn)

Hope you are enjoying fall! I know I am!