Update on the cookies…..

Some members of the family were hoping to share these cookies with other people….

Only 3 days later, there aren’t enough left to share.  I think we like cookies around here!!


Christmas Cookies!!

Last night, the Sturgi made their first batch of Christmas cookies this year! On the spur of the moment we invited our new interim youth pastor and his wife to help us decorate. But first, we had to make them!

We used our Nana’s “Rolled Cookie” Recipe. Nana has been making these cookies for ages. Every Christmas we spend with Nana and Papa, we always have to decorate dozens of these delicious cookies.

Once they were made and chilled, we rolled them out and cut them into shapes.


Yes, we are very protective of our “precious” dough! 🙂 Here are some quick snips from the evening…..

Almost done

...the nice, clean table...

Hoping for some cookies! 😉

My "palette", "brush", and "canvas"

The final result!

My cookies

Jamie working on her tree

Jamie's cookies

Becky's cookies

Joe's cookies

Mom's cookies

My palette at the end of the night... I never did use the brown

2 hours and 69 cookies later...

Dad, Caleb, and Jacob skipped out on frosting cookies and played basketball. Caleb was beaten but is looking forward to a rematch of course! Once they did come in, Caleb sat down and made the following…

Caleb's Liberty Bell 🙂

All in all, it was a wonderful time! And now, we have dozens of cookies to munch on during the day!