Spring Has Sprung

Yes! It is finally beginning to warm up… well the flowers at least are coming up. I’m not really sure what happened to winter, it never got extremely cold. Last year we added two boxes for Lo’s garden and made changes all around the yard. Our yard is definitely what you would call a “work in progress.” =D

Dogwood Blossom

from our pear tree

In many respects, this year is no different from any other…

Making plans for the vegetable garden, how to get big juicy tomatoes and blueberries whilst “accidentally” killing the beets and turnips. hehehe

Lo's Boxes

Cold Frame


Dad's Raspberries

weeding… weeding… and more weeding… sigh

  Arranging and putting flowers in pots

mis flores bonitas

Lo's pick

Pruning our front bushes… Growing our own plants, from our own plants! 🙂 yes.. you should be confused! This year, we founds some baby Japanese Maple sprouts from our tree and are growing a new tree.

And so forth…  we even made a new box this year

After visiting a friend from church and getting a tour of her beautiful gardens, we decided to turn our old play house into a potting shed! So I invite you to look at the beginnings of our new potting shed. A place to keep tools and supplies… and have a blast decorating!

The house

Our Birdhouse

Closer Look

Vegetable Packets

Vegetable Packets.. yeah we like beans =)

From the door

Our bookshelf or rather our seedshelf

Glass bottles that we are hoping to use for our bottle tree in the near future!

Lo decorating a Pepsi Crate

We enjoy our gardening! We’ll see what we can get out of our crops this year…